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Snapped and papped

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week, taking in highs (feeling inspired and confident to go forth as a bona fide yoga instructor) and lows (painfully tearing my right adductor muscle, ow), and I’ve reached the end feeling suitably … Continue reading

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Simian rock

This very welcome heatwave has coincided with me working my ass off in a sweaty basement yoga studio all week, d’oh. Still, I am having a brilliant time amongst my yoga tribe. It’s week two of my yoga teacher training course … Continue reading

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Green and optimistic land

Thought for the day: for it to exist, optimism requires pessimism. The two states represent converse, potential attitudes to any given situation. To be optimistic, or pessimistic, is to choose your attitude, and this personal choice implies that you are … Continue reading

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Singing for my breakfast

To quote a rather dated skit show: ‘This week I have mostly been singing Pie Jesu’ (said in a west-country accent). The west-country reference is no coincidence; the reason for said singing was preparation for a performance during the wedding of my … Continue reading

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Retail therapy

On my lunch break in Warwick today I was struck by the shameless plucking of heartstrings employed by two different window displays, representing two extremes of the human emotional spectrum. Firstly there was this: In case you can’t read the … Continue reading

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Doggie mind-tricks

At the weekend I went dog-sitting at my parents’ house (they were very excitedly attending their debut civil partnership wedding, bless). Their dog, Ben, is a beautiful and lovely-tempered, but typically neurotic border collie. He’s from proper working farm stock and, as such, … Continue reading

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Nice weather for slugs

Last night was not only dry, but the sun deigned to come out, just to remind us it was still up there somewhere, honest. So, feeling I ought not to waste this rare opportunity for some much-needed Vitamin D production, I … Continue reading

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