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This weekend, as I was being massaged by a friend (we were practising for our Thai massage course) I inadvertently made up a new word, which suited its need perfectly and for which, as far as I am aware, a synonym … Continue reading

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Three seasons in one day

Yesterday morning I took the next photographic instalment of my study of the changing seasons, using the medium of my garden:    I’m pretty chuffed with how it’s turned out so far… 🙂 The only snag is that I feel … Continue reading

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Well, today was my first day of teaching at Stonemonkey in Leamington. How to sum it up? Hmmmm… quiet! My morning class had two ladies, who both seemed to enjoy it and said they’d see me next week, and my … Continue reading

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The hills are alive…

I wrote the following post a few days ago from my temporary Austrian abode, but then the wifi broke so I wasn’t able to upload it. It has been a refreshing week of no internet access – being disconnected has meant fewer … Continue reading

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Today I began my new self-employment as a yoga teacher! I taught three classes in a row at Coventry University with only a 15 minute break in between. Pretty full-on but I enjoyed every minute of it… 🙂 And that’s … Continue reading

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Sci-fi self-help

As previously blogged about (possibly ad nauseum, apologies – and this is unlikely to be the last time it’s mentioned, eek), 2013 sees me stepping outside my comfort zone and attempting to launch part-time self-employment. Whilst I have absolute conviction that … Continue reading

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Christmas regression

Helloooo, I’m still alive! But I have a good excuse for my prolonged absence from blogging. Every year of my life I’ve been at home for Christmas and the result of this is a kind of time-warp, and regression for … Continue reading

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